"When the top is finished the quilt is done!" Jane Kitchens (BFF), Napa, CA, 2000.  NOT TRUE!!!

This is the case for so many quilters. Either the quilt top is too big or the quilter has some vision for the finished quilt that just can't be created on a standard size domestic machine. This is where Longarm Quilting saves the day.

My Gammill Classic Longarm Quilting Machine came to live with me in 1999 in Napa, CA.  In 2006 we relocated to Asheville, North Carolina. Both those lush vineyards and these amazing Blue Ridge Mountains are inspirational backdrops for creating my whimsical style of  quilting. 

My Edge-To-Edge and Custom Quilting is priced by the square inch, starting at $0.02 per square Inch.  Density and complexity will impact the price. (i.e. tight stippling, is more) I have added a computerized upgrade to my machine for more precision. I look forward to spending time with my customers to choose the perfect motifs and designs that will make their quilts come alive.

My turn-around time is 3-4 months for custom quilting, however I do leave gaps to allow for those "emergency" Edge-2-Edge quilts. Always call to check on my schedule. (828) 676-7651

 Please construct your quilt backing with an additional 4 inches all the way around. Backing construction is available if requested, as well as trimming, squaring and binding for a fee. 

If you would love to own a quilt, but don't sew, I could be commissioned to make an entire quilt for you. Contact me to discuss designs and costs.

by Mary Jo Leonard